My First Terrariums

Moss Terrariums {First EVER!}

Moss Terrarium {01}

Moss Terrarium {03}

2 weeks ago I decided to try out making some terrariums after a weekend in the woods! I collected a few moss types and the next day I tryed it out in old jelly jars with the help of a few tutorials I found on the Web.

Now 2 weeks later, they are still in good shape! I’m not sure if they’ll hold on tight forever or what, but it’s a good sign as of now.

With that said, I kinda got obsessed, and I’m thinking I’m going to try to make more to offer some in upcoming shows in October and on holidays in Montreal — hopefully, if I get accepted –.

I browsed around Etsy a bit to find items I could add to them — for the big ones — to make them like little unique worlds, and I found these items that I just adore!!

Some handmade picket fencing. How much cuter can it get?

It can with some cute little farm animals, of course!

What you think? :)



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10 responses to “My First Terrariums

  1. I love, love, LOVE these! I would love to add them to the daily DIY if you don’t mind!

  2. Feel free, Rachel! :)

  3. Congratulations on your first terrariums. They came out great. The little red shoots in there, are they part of the moss or are they separate plants?

    The additional little items like fence and piglets are going to look great. Have fun!

  4. lol Jennifer!

    Thanks Will! They were in the moss! That one I got near my PO actually, not in the woods :)

  5. so cute !

    Are the piglets made of sugar? I so want to bite them !!!

  6. great !
    the animals are so cute

  7. hihi Luce, je me disais aussi ;)
    Si jamais je suis acceptée à Puces Pop, tu viendras, car je prévois en avoir au kiosque! ihih :)

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