Who said antlers are out?!

Who said antlers are out?

Clockwise from top left:

Deer Wall Wear by neawear (me! hehe)
Deer Tank Top by PrettyRaccoon
Letterpress Coasters by paperedtogether
Deer and Vines by esoule
Gold Tipped White Antler by ArgyleWhale
Industrial Felt Coasters by JoshuaStone
Cathedral Shadow Print by prettypitchas
Antler Necklace by roadkill
Deer Antler Hanging by otterbody



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11 responses to “Who said antlers are out?!

  1. i love it all!!! i’m on a big deer kick right now ;)

  2. Nice finds. I was tired of them a little bit after Christmas. Not seeing them for a while make antlers adorable again.

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  4. Thanks y’all! :)

  5. thanks for including my coasters ;)

  6. I love your wall hanging. Great job :)

  7. Fantastic collection, thanks for the legwork :)

  8. What a beautiful grouping. I’m so pleased to have been included :) Thank you!

  9. My pleasure! It’s just an awesome item :)

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