Someone please stop me

Hello there! I am back for some more blogging after a wonderful week of my 2yr Anniversary Sale and some creating of new products that will be revealed really soon! Blogging should become more frequent as normal now :)

So, I would ask someone to please STOP ME. Stop me, please. Please please please!

I am totally going nuts on these new rings by Adorn Jewelry. Nuts, I tell ya. I can barely resist not buying right now, I am physically struggling! Ah! there you go, I just slapped my hand.

Made out of sterling silver or silver plated, they feature faux moss. The “moss-revealed” ones (2nd pictures) even have a special introductory price at $22 right now, so if there is a time to not resist, it is NOW!

‘Nuf said, I might now be able to resist much longer…



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5 responses to “Someone please stop me

  1. Can’t help you there, I think they’re FABULOUS as well!

  2. This reminds me of these Gazon rings that I saw a while ago by Raynaud, except that they actually grow real grass! You can see them here… I’m still dreaming about one of them!!!

  3. Ahhhh no one’s helping me!!! lol I’m glad you like! :)

    Carolyn, those are FAB!! I’ve seen them a while ago! Just gorgeous! :)

  4. Hehee…rings again? I love these, the round moss one is my favourite (perhaps I’ll have to get one for myself).

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