Days with my Father

A friend let me know about this wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous website. It is about Phillip Toledano‘s ongoing observations and souvenirs facing his 98yo father, who has no short-term memory (which is not the same as alzheimers), thru words and photography.

It is the most touching website I’ve seen in a while and I wanted to share it with you all. Don’t miss it, it’s really worth it!

Days with my Father.



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9 responses to “Days with my Father

  1. Merci J.

    Ce site m’a beaucoup touchée.

  2. this is incredible. i think i held my breath the whole way through the site. thanks so much for sharing the link.

  3. I’m glad you both love it! :)

  4. Merci pour ce superbe lien … je l’ai vue chez Anne-So, et je fais un tour par ici aussi, comme il semblerait que c’est ici l’origine de l’info. Merci encore. Superbe site.

  5. wow, thanks for sharing this.
    i found it to be quite lovely…

  6. I’m in tears now… but thanks! ;)

  7. Touching, ain’t it? :)

  8. the site and everything about it is beautiful!

  9. I need a Headsweats hat badly! I ran with one eye closed the last part of my run yesterday because my headband was not keeping the sweat out of my eyes!

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