Never Enough Scarves

I love scarves, I wanna buy tons! They are the perfect accessory for almost half of the year here in the cold! :)

Here’s so more handmade suggestions that have lots of flare!



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8 responses to “Never Enough Scarves

  1. I love scarves too- I have so many, but its funny, I’m always wearing the same 2 or 3! I really like the big loose knit cream one…SO cute!

  2. Yes it’s a nice unique one!
    i’m totally in love with the first one, handmade goodness. And that picture, woah!! :)

  3. I’m also guilty of having a scarf obsession ;)

  4. Lovely Scarves….Yokoo has been a favorite of mine for a long time, her scarves and her pictures are delightfully unique.

  5. wow, what a surprise!
    thanks for featuring my cowl!

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