New Stuff at Nea!

I’ve been working a lot since I started doing crafts full-time! I’ve had consignment requests and a craft fair coming up in October and just preparing for a hopefully very busy Holiday season! :)

I launched some new Wall Wear pieces in my Neawear shop a few weeks ago and just realized they were not shown yet on my own blog! Here they are!

I also worked on some new necklaces the past few days and weeks! I keep making necklaces these past weeks, like there is almost no place for earrings in my head right now!

Actually, it used to be the opposite! lol! I’ll get back to earrings soon, I promise :)

And for the crafters out there, I listed new supplies in my NeaBlossoms shop, mostly czech glass beads, but other great ones too! Need some? :)



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7 responses to “New Stuff at Nea!

  1. Ooohh, lots of pretty new stuff! I especially love the oval wall art with all the different flowers on it.

  2. Lovely as usual, Janick! :)

  3. hehe the moustache on the wall made me laugh :) so cool

  4. So lovely! I love the red beaded piece.

  5. Thank you so much!! :)

  6. Hello,

    I really like your jewelry. Beautiful pieces.

    I also create handmade jewelry, if you have time my blog is:


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