Screenprinted by hand by Summersville, these wonderful fabrics are just inspiring!

Awesome cotton fabrics (some really look like linen!) and wonderful patterns goodness for $6.50 a 9.5x14in in size. Yum!



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3 responses to “Summersville

  1. Wow I just hearted this shop….Beautiful! I LOVE the middle pic with the horses :)

  2. the fabrics are gorgeous and the photography is stunning… definitely a new fav!

  3. I think I have been on your blog for an hour. eeek! When I have work to do, too! But loving it:) And these fabrics are so, so pretty!

    BTW, I am loving your red poppy. Pls let me know if you would ever like to trade for a goody from Marrakech. Maybe a Moroccan teapot?

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