Paper n Stitch

The Paper n Stitch website has launched, and I’m in it! YAY!

It’s sorta like a virtual craft fair, or a marketplace if you prefer, with wonderful handmade items from everywhere and in every style possible!

Plus, the design of the site is just perfect to me: it totally has it’s personality, but at the same time, it leaves all the focus to the artists! And the most fun feature I think: everyone can create an account and write comment on items! YAY! Love it :)

Check it out: Paper n Stitch

My section @ Paper n Stitch: Nea

And check out the Paper n Stitch blog!



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2 responses to “Paper n Stitch

  1. Thanks for posting this Janick. Your storefront looks amazing. Looking forward to this first exhibition.

  2. No problem! I’m so glad to be part of the launch!! Thank YOU! :)

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