Montreal Fashion Week

Shoe Lust

It’s a long 3 day weekend here in Canada for Thanksgiving, and I’ll be away at a friend’s house to try relax and do something else than work… I loooove my new full time Nea work, but I really need to rest a little  before the Holiday selling season comes! I already started making 2nds-3rds-4rths-5fths of most of my jewelry, so this break is much needed! :)

Plus, next week I’ll be sitting front row as a photographer for Voir Journal for a few shows at Montreal Fashion Week, which is suuuuper fun but much more exhausting than it looks! Last year I did almost all the shows (photos here), but this year I’ll go slow, because I still need to work during the day!

I plan on going to see and photograph Andy The Anh on the 14th, Helmer on the 15th, and Denis Gagnon, the Diva event and Soïa & Kyo and maybe another one on the 16th… So I really need this time off before (especially for October 16th!)…

So I’ll see you all next week here with some great new fashion from local designers! :)

Oh…! And dear Canadian readers,
don’t forget to VOTE on Tuesday October 14th!!

Culture and Arts are in total danger in this country right now, speak your mind! :)

But really, just go vote! :)



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2 responses to “Montreal Fashion Week

  1. nick

    Hi, what gear do you use and how far is the photographers pit from the runway?



  2. I’m going to vote right now…just have to put my shoes and out we go!

    Such a cool job you have :)

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