Montreal Fashion Week Recap

Denis Gagnon

So, in the end, I saw 4 shows at this year’s Montreal Fashion Week!

Even if I saw more shows in March’s Week, I kinda preferred this year’s selection!

• Helmer‘s show was FABULOUS and absolutely my favorite: there was some patchwork similar to last year’s show, but what I loved mostly were the fringe-like dresses I totally fell in love with! His work is SO handmade (he spends hundreds and hundreds of hours on some pieces), some almost remind me of weaving, so you KNOW I luuurve it ;)

• The Diva Show was an event first and foremost to raise money for the breast cancer cause, which promises to always be fabulous with a theme about feeling great in your own skin and beauty. It was very princess-like, but in the end, you realize you just went to a trip in Wonderland for a moment there and loved it!

This was an event open to the public, so the crowd was wonderfully diversified! With that I also got to get some news from a fellow Montreal business entrepreneur friend, JP Boudreau. After I-don’t-know-how-many-months, the update was really great to have! :) I also finally got to meet in person a fellow lady blogger, Gabrielle Chalifoux! Let me tell you that girly-girl chatting instantly took place! haha! Make sure to visit both their great and inspiring blogs! Well… if you read French! :)

• Next up was Soïa & Kyo, one of my favorite urban-for-everybody lines. Most were their classic shapes and colors, great leathers jackets, nothing really new from March’s show, but always a pleasure to see – for me anyway!! :)

• Last, but certainly wayyy far from least, was Denis Gagnon. Well well well, that was GORGEOUS! Beige braids, twists and turns, drapy and poppin’ red satin dresses, all on top of super tall platform shoes I wouldn’t be able to stand on even if my life depended on it! A standing ovation was not forced on us, let me tell ya! :)


And you know I brought back a ton of pictures from my front row spot!! ;)
See them all HERE!
And below are some of my favorites!



Helmer Helmer






Soïa & Kyo Soïa & Kyo

Soïa & Kyo


Denis Gagnon

Denis Gagnon Denis Gagnon

Denis Gagnon



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3 responses to “Montreal Fashion Week Recap

  1. Janick! Fantastic pictures!! Would have loved to be there, that braid is gorgeous.

  2. Je veux un parapluie Soïa & Kyo! Très jolies photos : toujours aussi talentueuse!

  3. Thanks Carla ;)

    Noémie: Imagines-toi donc qu’ils donnaient des parapluies à la sortie du show. Sauf que la fille qui distribuait a décidé de me passer… Bouuuuu!! Je suis encore triste!! lol

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