Decor Cubes

Directly form Germany but born in the the US, Stephanie Levy creates these wonderful art cubes called Trendfarben to display on your walls. They feature some of her work in illustration and collage about home decor to create beautiful… Well, decor pieces. Decor on decor, love it! ;)

Each one is unique and now on sale, as I write this, at $99 US a piece!


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5 responses to “Decor Cubes

  1. oh, those are amazing!

  2. What a great find, Janick! I can cross one name from my Christmas list. I know a family member (she does not follow blogs) that would like these.

  3. Hi Janick, you have amazing finds! Love those decor cubes…

    By the way, YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED! View the detail on my blog, here:

    -Kelly (

  4. I’m glad you like Lesley! ;)

    Kim: Oh yay! I’m so glad you’re one gift down! lol So hard to find the perfect gift sometimes ;)

    Kelly, I’ll check it out! Although I think I’ve done this exercise a few times already, I might pass! lol Thanks for thinking of me tho :)

  5. Thanks so much for the positive support! I feel very honored for my artwork to be featured here!

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