Little Green Acorn

Since the little vintage copper bead caps I used to use are now impossible to find (I’ve been searching for months and months!), I searched for other caps in the same size (for months, again!).

I finally found some in a lovely raw brass color with a cute dotted pattern!



Not the same, but totally as cute, right? hehe

You can now get yours in the SHOP! :)

And if green is not your color, you can choose one from the other acorn style necklace in either blue speckled, pink speckled, orange speckled, red and faceted green! :)


Filed under Fashion - Accessories, Handmade, Nea Jewelry & Wall Wear

2 responses to “Little Green Acorn

  1. Very nice. Thanks for the heads up. Hard to find pieces are a two edged sword. Nice to be unique but “hard to find”!

  2. LOVE IT!! C’est bien trop cute ces petites choses!

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