500th Sale Giveaway!

UPDATE: I’ve hit the 500 mark! YAY!! Congrats to a local Quebec buyer, how cool is that! :)

My Neawear shop is doing pretty well, I’m so glad!! After a 2 weeks of panic and worry with almost no action in the shop, this week came back to normal surely but slowly!

All this to come to almost my 500th sale on Etsy! YAY!

That’s right, almost!! If you look at my sold items right now, it’s at… 499!

Therefore, just to add to the fun, the 500th item buyer will receive a refund of 10% off their order (before shipping fees), as well as a great 2.25in fabric covered button (see below)! The fabric is a fabulous hand screenprinted cotton fabric by KirinCo.

Who will be the lucky 500th? :)

500th Sale Giveaway Button


Filed under Handmade, Nea Jewelry & Wall Wear

5 responses to “500th Sale Giveaway!

  1. chelsyanne

    Yay me!

  2. hehe I’m glad you like your item and the button ;)

  3. Огромное человеческое спасибочки !

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