Brittany, from bittystarr in New Orleans, makes these wonderful one of a kind paper & fabric wall art pieces. Oh yes, she cuts everything herself by hand, what a patient gal!

If you like this, also check out (or visit again and again!) essimar‘s etsy store for more fabulous paper art and cards! I never get enough of her work, and I dream of having a complete wall full of artwork from her one day! lol



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4 responses to “Papercuts

  1. Janik…thank you so much for featuring my work in your lovely blog! What an unexpected treat! BTW, all items in my shoppe are 20% through the end of the month. xoxo

  2. Her work is lovely!:)

  3. Fru

    Hi Janik!

    nice paper cuts…made me remember when I was a little kid doing paper doily…nothing so beautiful as these though!

  4. wall arts are nice addtion to a great home too. my kids love to see wall arts ”

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