Screenprinted Fabrics, Mate

“Handprinted Linen Fabric” by maramiki (Chicago), $40 a yard.

I’ve been looking around on Etsy for fresh screenprinted fabrics, just cause they are always so pretty and inspiring to look at!

Turns out A LOT of the designers I found are from Australia! (What’s up with that? Will anyone pleaseee provide me with a link to their screenprinting pimp?? lol)

Hawt stuff, right mate? :)

“Bird in Paradise” by umbrellaprints (Australia), $12 for 4 pieces of 15cm X 10cm.

“Handprinted Linen/Cotton Fabric” by maramiki (Chicago), $40 a yard.

“meadow” by summersville (UK), $6.50 for 9.5in x 14in.

“Warm Grey Concentric Arrow” by moyou (Australia), $15 half a meter.

“Nesting Tomato on Birch” by AuntyCookie (Australia), $22 half a meter.

“fabric remnants (doll faces) pack” by mikodesign (Netherlands), $15.

“Woodland” by ofpaperandthread (Australia), $13 half a meter.

“Big Pack no.2” by hollabee (Australia), $13.50 for 2 pieces of 50cm x 65cm.



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8 responses to “Screenprinted Fabrics, Mate

  1. Swoon…In Love with these Fabrics.

  2. Must be something in the water! Thankyou for featuring us Aussie fabric designers and yes gday mate x

  3. Glad you like Eli!!

    And I’m glad you saw this, Umbrella! :)

  4. Wow! Agreed…must be something in the water down here ;) Thanks so much for featuring us!! What a lucky find! I’m glad I stumbled across your blog. Cheers! x.

  5. Heehee, nice post!! I think it’s because here in Australia we have good access to short run yardage screen printers… whereas it seems like they’re very hard to find overseas… or the minimums are prohibitive.

    But yes, it could be the water too ;)

  6. Thanks so much for the post… ssshhh don’t tell everyone about the aussie water ;)
    Lara is right…and now we have our own printing studio: ink & spindle

  7. Hey mates!! ;)
    So cool to see you all come and check this post out!! Thanks so much and keep up the fab work, and drink that water! hehe!

    Lara, I did not forget about you! But since I had blogged about your fabric a few post earlier (in my 500th sale giveaway post!), I decided to feature other Aussies in this one ;) I looove your fabric, and I’m working on a new stitched piece with it! You will get all credit for the fabric of course once it’s done and listed in my shop :)

  8. Great finds!
    Thanks so much for featuring my woodland fabric :-)

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