Contemporary Xmas Decor

My newest Wall Wear just out of the workshop! A big snowflake for your door or wall :)

Why should Xmas go all kitsch on us? Not that I have something against the traditional Xmas look, but if you are more the contemporary type, there are handmade decor options out there! ;)

With delivery delays and all, it’s time to shop to decorate! Get on it!! :)



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9 responses to “Contemporary Xmas Decor

  1. ooh, your snowflake is gorgeous!

  2. That is fantastic use of zippy ties!

  3. Une belle idée ton flocon. J’aime comme ça souligne subtilement le temps des fêtes (et même simplement l’hiver, dans le fond) sans crier NOWEL! Vraiment jolie :)

  4. Wow Janick ton flocon est encore plus beau que ce que j’imaginais!

  5. Lesley, Thanks so much :)

    Min, isn’t it great??

    Maryse et Sara, merciiiiii les filles!! :)

  6. Marie

    Ai-je le droit d’être jalouse de tes idées…? Wow!

  7. Wow! Beautiful work.

  8. haha Marie! Merci ;)
    Thank you Carla!!

  9. oh how pretty, I love that snowflake.

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