Gimme a little ‘o MChen

You may or may not know, but I go spend some time into the Etsy Virtual Labs quite a few times a week. They have newbie chats and critiques for sellers, as well as workshops and chats with Etsy admins. I like to go in there and help others (I try anyway!) with their shop. It makes me take a break too and I virtually meet tons of great people and great artists!

So anyway, yesterday I went in for the critique session, and I met the super friendly Emily from mchen, a lady from Ottawa, and fell in love with her work and designs! She makes silkscreen tee’s and totes, as well as greeting cards and tags.

What I love too about her shop is her model pictures! With so many different and beautiful people, it kinda hit me that it is very rare to see this much diversity in a single shop. Too bad because I love it!!

After the critique, Emily wrote to me about a giveaway she’s having right now until Nov. 11th! It’s so easy to enter too: just go check out her shop, pick a tee you’d love to call yours and post the link to this Etsy Forum thread. That’s it, you could possibly win!

Imma gonna pick mine now ;)



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4 responses to “Gimme a little ‘o MChen

  1. THANKS so much Janick. This is so kind of you to give me a plug. YOU rock :)

  2. fru

    ditto Janick, she has a cool shop!!

  3. I love seeing other silkscreen artists on Etsy!!!


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