Souk@Sat & Decor8

What a week! I’ve been busing gathering up some stuff and preparing documents for my Wall Wear submission to the Souk@Sat craft show here in Montreal! I finally finished everything last night and will be emailing everything today! Wish me luck! (It’s quite hard to get accepted there!!)


On another note, I want to thank Holly from Decor8 for adding my blog to her wonderful blogroll! The blog has been pouring with new visitors for 2 days now and I want to welcome everyone over too!!

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the place!! :)



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4 responses to “Souk@Sat & Decor8

  1. I’m Steppie from Etsy — and just wanted to say: your blog is absolutely LOVELY! I will definitely be adding it to my list of everyday blogs to visit!

    Keep it up. <3

  2. Wow Souk@Sat Craft Show looks Fantabulous…The set up is making me drool….Holy Moly…I wish you the best of luck getting in…..You will :)

  3. I visited Souk@Sat last year and it is a must-see event. I hope to see you there this year. We could at last, Janick, talk face to face. Good luck!

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