Quebec handmade giveaways!

I love to help out my fellow Quebec friends and their handmade goods, so please check out these 2 super giveaways!


First, participate and perhaps get what you want from my eco-friendly friend Tomate d’épingles‘s shop, whether it be recycled fur or leather rings (my personal funky faves!!) or great recycled film negatives earrings!

To participate, it’s easy! Just go HERE!


Second, the EtsyQ Street Team (“Q” being for “Province of Quebec”) is also having a giveaway of tons of goodies from their member’s shops to one lucky person!

To see the items and participate, go HERE!


Good luck everyone!! :)



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5 responses to “Quebec handmade giveaways!

  1. « Etsy Team Quebec » vous remercie chère dame ;)

  2. The first set is beautiful!

    And the last necklace? GENIUS!

  3. tanis

    HOORAY! for Q! ;) hehe. and double hooray for tomated’epingles. ;);) I have 2 pairs of her negative earrings and I LOVE THEM!!
    keep up the astounding work Ja, ;) I am in awe of you. xo.

  4. Okay, so those silver bread bag ties are fab. But I have to share that the uncle of a high school friend of mine invented them! How’s that for small ideas that change the world.

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