I was Twittering (sp?) yesterday… Yes I’m now on Twitter! Follow me here!

So, I was Twittering yesterday and following my friends at Fact & Fancy in Brooklyn NY (where I have a few of my Flora Wall Wear by the way) when they made me discover a wonderful photographer!

Her name is Sharon Montrose.

And let me tell you something: I have NEVER seen a new Etsy seller sell as much as her!!! EVER!! In 3 weeks, she has sold almost 150 prints of her fabulous work, and even tho I am amazed, I am not surprised!

And yes, they are all living happy animals from a small California Zoo!



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4 responses to “Animalia

  1. Oh! The baby deaw! Such a cutie!!

  2. Yay!! Lovely post about her :D I also love the pickalapoopa feature right above!


  3. hehe Glad you all like a little animal in your day! lol ;)
    Can you believe she’s already almost at 200 sales now?!!

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