Ordinary Sparkling Eggs

Ordinary Sparkling Eggs Breakfast

Ok, so I’m not just showing you my breafast from yesterday just to show you my breafast from yesterday. lol

Sometimes I like to do “customer appreciation pictures” to leave with my feedback of purchases on Etsy. And since I love to photograph some of my food moments and put those in my Flickr Food Set, this one was a given!

So anyway, all this to talk to you about 2 fabulous new things I ordered and received in the mail recently.

First, the “Ordinary Sparkling Moments (reflections on success and contentment)” book from Christine Mason Miller, aka SwirlyGirl.

O.M.G. I loooooove this book!!!

It is SO inspirational, motivational, beautiful, meaningful, and relaxing. Yes, relaxing!! Everytime I read a few pages, I feel so much more relaxed and positive and inspired, like it’s a magic potion or something! lol! The illustrations and collages are also wonderful!! Everything just fits, like some puzzle pieces.

And me tell you one more thing: it’s not just for the ladies! My boyfriend read a few pages and liked the words very much, so this confirms me that’s it’s pretty much a book for everybody!


Hardcover $48, Softcover $28.

Second, I had these cute ramekins custom made for me by trpottery. I used to almost never eat eggs, and I don’t know why but recently I started eating a lot more and love them! So I wanted some little ramekins to cook some slowly in the oven where the little salt and peppah just kinda melts in it and it’s yummy!

(I also ordered something else related to eggs, I am waiting for it in the mail, you’ll have to wait to know! hehe)

Also check out Tara’s other shop called SmokyPendants with plenty of wonderful smoke-fired pendants. I just love smoke-fired pottery, it just has that je-ne-sais-quoi extra!



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8 responses to “Ordinary Sparkling Eggs

  1. I blame you for wanting that book now! :)

  2. Those ramekins look positively good enough to eat!

  3. J’aimerais savoir comment tu fais cuire tes œufs… J’ai pas d’aussi beaux ramequins que toi, mais il me semble que j’ai une envie d’œufs et je sais pas comment les apprêter.
    Je t’ai déjà dit que j’adorais ta table. Je le répète. J’aime beaucoup tes photos culinaires :)

  4. thanks for sharing. i’m going to go home and make those eggs. they look so very good.

  5. Thanks everyone!! ;)

    ArtMind: Haha! Really, treat yourself for Xmas! I bought the soft cover, it’s still fabulous!! :)

    ingermaaike: lol! Yummm pottery! ahha ;)

    Maryse: Rien de spécial, just un peu de sel et poivre avant de mettre au four a 350 jusqu’à ce que ça soit prêt. Certains diront que ça goûte pareil que dans la poêle, mais moi je trouve que les saveurs se mélangent plus! ;)

    Abby: As I am saying above in French, some may say that the eggs taste as if they were cooked in a pan, but I personally think the salt and pepper flavors added before cooking blend more and taste better! You let me know what you think for yourself? :)

  6. I love your breakfast photo. It looks so inviting…a good book, tasty food (on some nice pottery, if I do say so myself). Thank-you so much for mentioning my work and I’m so glad you were pleased with the order.

  7. Janick your picture looks so good!

  8. Oh I love seeing my book at your breakfast table!! Thank you so much!

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