For the Love of Letters

Perhaps it’s my graphic designer background, but I love letters and typography. When someone tells me their name, I’m like “Ohhh, nice name, lovely letters!” lol!

So anyway, I thought I’d share a few interesting letter goodies today!

Here’s a few more very important letters… T. G. I. F. ! :)



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8 responses to “For the Love of Letters

  1. i am a little obsessed with typography too… love your picks!

  2. I totally share your love of type. It’s only fueled on by my boyfriend’s Graphic Design degree!

  3. I found some lovely inspiration themed words at Especially love the Faith Inspiration Wall Decals

  4. chelsyanne

    I love the gold necklace…man there are so many creative souls out there ^_^

  5. oh my goodness.
    i just stumbled across your page somehow, and i am so enchanted by all of your posts!!!
    typography… one of my most favorite things.
    and on top of your blog being fabulous, your etsy items are so lovely!
    i’ll be featuring you in my blog very soon!

  6. Hello! I stumbled upon your etsy shop and I absolutely love your work!!! Lovely blog as well.

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