Headband Obsessed

Me, myself and Photoshop

I have been obsessed with headbands lately. I dunno, they are just so easy to use, cute and cuter. And no, I don’t think it has nothing to do with Gossip Girl, never watched it! Yet, anyway…

Months ago I purchased a headband from beadsandbowsboutique (I’m wearing it up there in the picture). I still wear it often and really adore it!

And now I just bought 2 more from other sellers in the past few days… Obsessed, telling ya! :)

(Just click on the pictures below to be taken to that item’s shop!)



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8 responses to “Headband Obsessed

  1. These are all really nice headbands! I love the silver one, such a luxury item! The dramatic styling of the last one is gorgeous.

    Your eyes are so green!

  2. Gorgeous picks! IS that a Figs and Ginger headband? My lord – these are amazing!

  3. Brittany: Glad you like!
    Oh, I’m photoshoped! lol Had a little fun with the pic :)

    Danielle: No it’s Kuss! You can click on picture, you know ;)

  4. I love headbands! But I can’t wear them at the same time as my glasses… sadly the glasses win out. I’m coveting those lovely feather headbands though. So tempting!

  5. Eve

    Love it !!!
    Can you tell me the last one’s brand please ? I really want to find one like this one for my wedding…
    Happy Christmas !

  6. Eve: Just click on the picture, it’ll bring you to the item in the shop :)

  7. Oh these are all so lovely! Especially the one with the little bird on it. I love headbands too.

  8. Old Rich Vintage

    Oooh, wonderful, all of them! But the last one is the winner for me :)

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