Patience Paper

Now, here I was thinking I was a patient lady to cross-stitch for hours my Wall Wear pieces on linen, but I might have to take that back.

The lady behind Papercutdiecut (Toronto) probably is one of the most patient people out there. She hand cuts (CRAZY, I KNOW!) everything you see here and her whole entire shop is full of them!

I really think most of them are under priced. These are pieces of art, hours of labor and work, and they should be bought to be framed and priced accordingly. I usually do not feature items that I think are under priced on my blog, however fabulous, it’s against my “handmade religion” or something…

But these are so fantastic I could not wait another second to show them off…

It may sound weird, but this is the best compliment mixed with advice that I could ever give her :)


To anyone under pricing they handmade work out there: OMG, VALUE YOURSELF!

When you under price, you send out this message that your work is cheap, that it’s not worth it.  It’s even worst that over pricing. Do not pay yourself $2 an hour minus fees, that’s just mean to your own self.

Why do I care? Well, it really hurts the entire handmade community as a whole…



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12 responses to “Patience Paper

  1. LI

    Thanks for this..:) SO happy…Happy new year! :)

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for this feauture. These papercuts are absolutely amazing, and the shop is beautiful. As you mentioned, they are pieces of art and should be preserved that way……And even doubling the price, they would still be (too) cheap :-)
    Happy New Year!

  3. I had a peak into her shop after seeing this marvelous post here. I agree: she’s definately underpricing her work. I’m sure that people would be willing to pay double or even triple! Thanks for sharing this wonderful artist! :)

  4. I definitely agree that her (lovely) work is under-priced, but I’m confused because most of her work is described as ‘die cut’ and I always thought that a machine of some sort was involved in die cutting. I could be wrong – I couldn’t really find anything about it a quick internet search.
    Her shop indicates that the work is handmade, but if some sort of machine is involved, that could mean she can do several pieces at once. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it could explain the lower prices to some extent.

  5. Her work is amazing! I totally agree with you on how her work is under priced. It’s actually way under priced. She deserves more for her patient work!

  6. Absolutely amazing! I went to the shop and within 5 seconds found one I had to have.

    Thanks for the awesome find.

  7. I’m glad everyone agrees! :D
    And loves :)

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Michelle. If she uses a die cut, that explains the prices. But even with that in mind, the designs themselves are certainly worth more than some of the prices listed. Beautiful stuff.

  9. Indeed, the term “die cut” is a term for machine made cuts.
    BUT, all her shop (profile, etc.) mentions “cut by hand” so…
    I dunno! :)

  10. Li

    Hm…sorry abotu the confusion, when I open the shop, I mentiond diecut, because English is not good, so I am confused by “die-cut”, I think I just want to express the pieces were cutout…but they were cut by hands…:( Anyway…

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