Gimme Handmade Furniture

Some things are just too awesome for a big text.

Lunar Lounge Design: bench and shelving unit.

NowNThen: wine cabinet.

Mstrf: Liber night stand.

NorthForge: bathtub chair.

Lorimerantiques: wooden table.

SteffiDotson: giraffe headboard.


And if your budget doesn’t allow it? Well pimp your actual furniture or buy smaller decor pieces!

Shesh: brass handles.

LittleFishFurniture: book bookshelf.

RusticsReborn: coat rack.

SteppingStones: drawer pulls.

Barnwood4u: barnwood shelves.



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4 responses to “Gimme Handmade Furniture

  1. Lovely picks, as always :)

  2. Awesome finds! Love the book bookshelf & the drawer pulls especially! :)

  3. I love all these furniure styles and ideas. Ive got a very modern house but im in need of some new living room and bedroom furniture. I am looking for something quite solid, but still modern? I have looked at a company called oakfurnitureland who have some nice stuff, but just wanted any feedback or reviews from anyone who knows the company or has bought from them before? Its one of those situations where i want to keep it modern but with a touch or contemporary too?

    Any help?


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