Rock N Crochet

When one thinks about crochet, they might think about a scarf, gloves or a blanket, which can be really awesome of course! But in the decor department, crochet is almost forgotten, except the kitsch doily (I’m saying that in the positive way, actually).

Well, with Knitalatte‘s collection of stones covered with crochet, and also photographs of these pieces, you got a whole other level of just-pretty-to-look-at crochet! WANT!



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7 responses to “Rock N Crochet

  1. Brat's Hats

    Those are awesome! Thank you for sharing the photos and the link.

  2. I’ve been following her on Flickr for a while, isn’t she wonderful?! I love these rocks, so beautiful.

  3. nam long

    Great. Thanks.

  4. I am so in love with these little crocheted treasures.

  5. these are so simple, but so gorgeous! great find!

  6. I want these too! These are absolutely astounding! I must share these on my blog…


  7. crochetbasics

    very interesting !

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