Simply Breakfast Books

I’ve blogged about breakfast photography before, I love it! And I’m so sad ’cause the Simply Breakfast Blog, by Jennifer Causey (aka Photobird on Etsy), is now RIP.

But fear not! It’s not completely over! You can get the 2 books!! Ohhh yeahhhh! :)

Simply Breakfast” book here.
Simply Breakfast, more please” book here.

And you can still follow Jen’s other blog, Simply Photo.


Annnnnd I still wanna make a Blurb book really badly…!



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2 responses to “Simply Breakfast Books

  1. Love her blog, and I’ve been eyeing these books for so long… Thanks for reminding me again!!

  2. hello ,

    j’ avais découvert te jolies créations sur myspace , maintenant j ‘ adore aussi ton blog!
    moi, je viens juste d’ouvrir le mien …jettes un oeil si tu veux …
    je te souhaite une très bonne année 2009 !

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