Yarn Solution

Hey YOU, crafter!!
Ever knitted or crocheted?

You know when you knit and the ball of yarn just wont stay in place? Keeps falling on the ground as you pull the strand and then the cat gets all cat-like with it around the house? lol

Well, no more! I discovered yesterday that “yarn bowls” exist! Where was I?! Check these out ;)

This fab stoneware bowl is the first one I found, and it features 2 options to run your thread in. Plus, it’s so cute with it’s little “pig tail” swirl!

By FredParkerPottery, $35.

By LASdesigns, $12.

By potterknitter, $30.

By DancingDolphin, $24.


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13 responses to “Yarn Solution

  1. Oh my! I love these. I think I really, really need one (or two…or five).

  2. Nifty! I just started crocheting, and this is the perfect foil for my kitty’s claws. :)

  3. i love your blog!

    i just added you to my list of “most admired blogs”. check it out in my latest post!


  4. I’m really glad this is useful! :D

  5. This is a so great idea! It solves THE knitter problem!…

  6. What an ingenious idea!!! You always find the best treats!! xo

  7. Those are lovely! When I was little my mom had a big plastic canister of sorts with a hole in the top to keep her yarn in… these are so much nicer!

  8. I’ve seen these before and am longing for one! I’d really like to have someone at my school make one for me… I love the ones with the swirls!

  9. How is it possible I have never seen anything like this before!? I am totally in LOVE. Any one of these “yarn bowls” would make such an awesome gift for my fabulous knitty friends. BTW, have just discovered your blog, and it is beautiful.

  10. Jean-Sébastien

    I bet $20 that the moment the thing is empty, there’ll be a cat sleeping in there… making it a yawn bowl.

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  12. wow, i love it! very useful!

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