Box Me Up

I am in total love with these cute little embroidered boxes by Papermode!

Wouldn’t the next small gift you offer look hot in this? :)



Filed under Handmade, Paper, Stitching - Sewing

6 responses to “Box Me Up

  1. Wow! Those are pieces of art in their own right.

  2. These are gorgeous! I love the meticulousness of them. I also loved spirographs (sp?) as a kid and have been longing for one, so this helps!

  3. Those are awesome, wow! They’re so detailed. I agree with Brittany re: spirographs. Just beautiful!

  4. these are fantastic!! Love them!!

  5. These are really lovely and so detailed. What a treat it would be to receive a gift in one of those – if you even noticed the gift. I’d be studying the box!

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