Salty Pepper

By Pinkkiss, $10 a set.

I saw these wonderfully cute salt and pepper “bowls” (above) today on Etsy, and thought it would really be nice to browse a little and find some more awesome containers for these two most used spices in the kitchen!

Just click on the pictures to get more info on each individual seller’s items! :)



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8 responses to “Salty Pepper

  1. great selection! my fave are the ones that look like ghosts.

  2. This is such a great selection of salt & pepper vessels!

  3. These are so cool Janick! Makes me wish I had a table to set. ;-)

  4. I love the rabbit/flower set, the red cubes and the white ones would be great for Halloween. I don’t even own salt and pepper shakers, always use little bowls, shells, leaves, etc..
    These are all pretty fun.

  5. So many cute finds! Makes me wish I used S&P a little more often!

  6. I had so much fun finding these! I’m glad y’all love ’em :)

    Amber: shells, leaves, sooooo cute!! Keep doing that ;)

  7. I love the Raedunn ones! They’re so inventive. Look just like stitches.

  8. Love this! My favorites are the first ones from Pinkkiss – they look so organic, like little shells.

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