Spices and all

Woah! My last posts are almost all about food! Anyway, y’all don’t seem to mind :)

This year I got all Etsy gifts from my boyfriend! YAY! (So yes, he finally has an account!! Woohoo!)

One of them was by the lovely Montreal seller Julie aka Purpose Design, whom I had the chance to meet a month ago at one of my craft shows. I now have the large Chai Tea Kit that I wanted to have for like, forever! WOOHOO!! It’s super YUM!!

But tea is not the only thing happening over there! Spices, spices and more spices! Stuff I’ve never even heard of like fenugreek, galanga, turmeric and caraway seeds. (In my defense, I might actually know what they are if I had the French word for them!) You can take already assembled kits (mexican, french, asian and more!), or you can customize your own by choosing yourself! Everything comes in cute tins and a wonderful hand brushed aluminum box!

Her shop happens to be 2yr old this week, so she’s having a great SALE (Jan. 13 to 20)! Head on over there to the Shop Announcement for details.

Happy Etsyversary Julie!!


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4 responses to “Spices and all

  1. Spices are one of the best things in the world as far as I’m concerned. Though right now I’m in a ‘Salt ROCKS!’ phase, but oh, otherwise I’m a huge fan of Mexican oregano, cilantro, and paprika. HOT paprika!

  2. Mmmm. I’m off to check out the shop. The photos are lovely, especially the one on the top left. Is is soup?

  3. Min: I’m so not into HOT HOT stuff! I feel like I can’t taste anymore! lol

    Melinda: Oh the top photos are mine, left is the process of making my Chai Tea with the Kit, and right is the tea once done ;)

  4. I love the design of these kits! They look fabulous. I’m drooling over the Indian and Mexican kits… Mmmmm!

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