I found Maramiki on Etsy a few months back, and instantly fell in love with her hand-screenprinted fabrics!

And her items too, of course! Mostly pillow covers, but also pincushions and napkins, in blends of linen and cotton (some organic)!

So I spied (lol) and kept looking and wishing, when I finally decided to just go for it and buy a pack of remnants! What I received was a fabulous selection, exactly what I expected and wanted! Got me inspired instantly so yesterday I made this, below.

Nea + Maramiki = Perfect match! :)



Filed under Handmade, Nea Jewelry & Wall Wear, Stitching - Sewing

4 responses to “Maramiki

  1. Wow, definitely a perfect match.

  2. Thanks a lot ladies ;)

  3. Thanks for the mention, I love seeing what you’re doing with my prints. Happy to pass any inspiration along… and now you have another loyal reader!

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