Little Factory

Lowercases, uppercases and numbers. Scarfs. Yes, they do go together!

Laser-cut out of microfiber suede, these wonderful scarves by Little Factory might not keep you warm persay, but they’ll pump up your style, for sure! They come in white, black and grey at $58 a pop. Perfect for any graphic design or typography lover!

Also loving this envelope tee!



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6 responses to “Little Factory

  1. this is scarf is beautiful. I really loved.. It’s discreet and creative.

  2. simply fascinating. thanks for explaining how they’re made. :)

  3. fabulous! thanks for the find :) hope you had a nice weekend.

  4. The scarfs are absolutely wonderful. What a great and creative idea :-)

  5. I love the scarf. I think I must have one, but which one, they are all wonderful. Thanks for the great find.

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