Glass Lust

Snowy Day Platter, by Sirius Fnord.

When I was in high school, trying to decided what to do with my life and what to study, I narrowed it down to 3.

First there was graphic design (which I ended up studying for 3 years and working it for 7, and now I don’t anymore except for my own needs, lol). Then architecture (which I put aside when I figured out I needed to take alchemy and math classes). And the 3rd was glass blowing (which I put aside because I hate extreme heat and very hot summer days, and well… can’t get out of that with this skill).

Turns out, I’m not a fan of most handmade glass work I can see out there. I prefer simple design, low number of colors, and most of it is really flashy and twirly and rainbow-eske color wise. I do, however, admire the skills involved very much! I just wish there was more of the clean designs available, that’s just my personal taste!

With that said, with a little search in the last few days, I found some glass artists that I really like!


Sirius Fnord


Studio Rent




Lisa Cahill Glass


Sassy Glass Studio


Nomadic Glass


White Hot Glass



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4 responses to “Glass Lust

  1. jubilant cerise

    Hello! Just came across your blog, it’s lovely! This post reminds me of a glass blowing shop here in Victoria (BC) that has sadly closed now – I loved going there during my lunch break to watch them work. It was dreadfully hot but I still wanted to take a class! However, if I ever want to fulfil that wish and have a decadent dessert, there’s always cardamom meyer lemon creme brulee bubbles:

  2. OMG yum, Jubilant!!!! They look like the ornaments above! haha

  3. I feel the same way about glass. Great finds.

  4. I just love the dish by Sirius Fnord, but holey moley that dripping faucet! You sure do find some lovely things. If I searched as much as you, my bank account would be empty.

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