Origami Boxes

How cute are these origami boxes from Sweet Thoughts?

Alright, they are like a gift in themselves, but let’s just say you DO have another real gift to give, these would be perfect! I just adore her choice of papers with those little brads in the center.

I would think of the same with some fabric instead of paper too! I don’t even know if that’s possible (origami is a skill I really don’t have lol), but wouldn’t that look hot? :)



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7 responses to “Origami Boxes

  1. Lovely!
    Merci pour la belle découverte.

  2. Wow. These are stunning! It could be done with fabric if interfacing was involved.

  3. Wonderful, I love it :) im going to follow this blog, so many interesting things.

  4. wow, those are gorgeous!

  5. Kim

    They are so pretty. Perfect for tiny treasures.

  6. Gosh.. these are BEAUTIFUL!

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