Yes, yes I am.

I am in pottery-addict-heaven-land when I visit the Slowcraft shop (aka Lisa Toni from Australia). My pulse rises, my eyes open wide, my mouse clicks in fury and I’m about to bounce and impulse buy.

What is even more torturing is her Flickr pictures. Because what you see there is not all available yet in her shop! Here’s a glimpse, below.

Man, am I in trouble…! :)


Filed under Handmade, Pottery & Clay

7 responses to “Slowcraft

  1. sinnedagain

    i love your style. everything is always so spot on.

  2. I love Lisa’s work! I love her Flickr pictures too! :)

  3. I’m also addicted to potery, ceramic, porcelain…. These little bowls, and buttons… you could make beautiful things with that!

  4. Glad you all love it :)

    Marie-Eve: was in my mind already :)

  5. Janick, it looks like we share a ceramics addiction!
    Thank you for the nice discovery!

  6. Sara: Oh je savais pas ça!! Je peux pas résister dans les shows… lol

  7. Art

    Very detailed stuff. very nice collection

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