Never Enough Replicca

The Replicca shop is on fiyah! So many wonderful goodies, all of which makes you drool in want and envy.

Rebecca is one of my Quit Your Day Job Storque article buddies, so make sure to read hers here! :)



Filed under Canadian, Fashion - Accessories, Handmade

5 responses to “Never Enough Replicca

  1. Gotta love anyone who can mix fashion with comfort. Already have her hearted — wonderful stuff!

  2. I second the comment above and also add that you have a knack for finding it and sharing it with us!

    Happy Monday! xo

  3. Very cute and creative tops. I just found your blog from Mint and I love it!

  4. I can’t get enough of jersey, especially when it’s done so stylishly!

  5. Oh man these are GREAT! Exactly the kind of winter-wear I looooove, it’s like wearing a damn cute, yet oh so stylish hug. Love your site too! :-)

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