Leave No Rim, Sugah

Silhouette Wood Coasters by Peppersprouts.

Have you noticed there’s always a don’t-leave-a-rim scene in most ongoing TV Shows? This weekend I was watching my Sex And The City DVDs (I gots the soft furry pink collection box set, love it!) and there it was. And then I caught a rerun of Friends, and there it was again.

This is very important. Get coasters, peeps! lol :)



Filed under Decor - Object, Handmade

4 responses to “Leave No Rim, Sugah

  1. Yes it was also on Just Like Heaven. Reese Witherspoon was making a awful lot of noise for a ghost about rim marks on her table to Mark Ruffalo.

    Great blog post! Love the coaster eye candy’s!

  2. love them all….love the silhouettes

  3. thanks for the feature, janick! :)

  4. i love the green wooden coasters. they remind me of a lush painting.

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