Handmade. Shoes. Want.

Lacewood Sandals, by Mohop.

I already blogged about some handmade shoes before (precisely about Netamir, here), and I can’t seem to stop wanting more — whether it is handmade from start to finish, or pimped by hand. So I’ve spent the last week searching for new sellers to share with you!

Doesn’t it make you wanna pull Spring in quicker than it should so we can put those winter boots in the closet for the next 8 months? The selected all have sturdy soles, so you can show them off outside :)

Leather gladiator moccasins, by TantrikaTribe.

Neon Bacteria Hand-painted Shoes, by Crafttastrophe.

Famous Shoes (on Keds), by Dailytee.

Tropical Boat Sandals, by Etrelles.

Sabot Sandal Clog, by Maxbeer.

Crocheted Guillerminas, by Le Pied Léger.

Hand-stitched Leather Pumps, by Scotatto.

Hand-painted shoes, by ArtsyFartsy.



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7 responses to “Handmade. Shoes. Want.

  1. Fabuous finds, Janick!
    I can’t wear leather due to allergies so I got myself some mohops and I absolutely love ’em! :)

  2. those hand-stitched pumps are amazing!

  3. these shoes are very nice, I like graphism on it!!!

  4. Those are some fun shoes! I have a pair of Mohops and just *love* them!

  5. Gorgeous, I love the gladiator moccasins and Hand-stitched Pumps.

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  7. I am creating my own brand for handmade shoes: myLidias

    Hope you guys like them!

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