Kaleb Schad

Pencil, charcoal, ink and my best friend, Photoshop. Those are the ingredients needed for Kaleb Schad‘s mind to boil over with beautiful ethereal art.

Some are winderfully paired with quotes, you can totally feel (for me anyway) his graphic designer by day influence with the fonts and the sense of space in his art.

Just. Love. Eveything.


Filed under Art, Handmade

7 responses to “Kaleb Schad

  1. Wow, c’est vraiment beau!

  2. Wow! this is surreal!!

    i love it, it’s so beautiful…great job Janick!


  3. I’m glad you like ladies! I’m so thrilled to have found this today! Too awesome ;)

  4. it is really nice I love these pictures!!!

  5. I’m sorry I’m so late to this, but thanks so very, very, very much for the post Janick! And thanks to everyone for the kind words! Some say art is a personal experience, and I agree with that, but it’s enhanced when others can share in that experience and enjoy it, so thank you so very much!


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