Floating Pompoms

I’ve never been a cheerleader (so NOT for me… lol), but I’m always impressed with cheerleading competitions I see on TV. Those girls and guys got it going on!!! Anyway, I’ve always thought the pompoms lacked some style… I know, I know, tradition!

Anyway, I’m totally enjoying PomLove‘s shop. And I mean litterally! Looking at the storefront feels ethereal and like entering another world! Even tho made out of paper, they seem so soft and cozy! I’d love a pompom pillow (and you can, because hanging materials are not included)! lol :)

I really REALLY want some!!

Oh, and also check out this half-pompom (below), made out of recycled magazines!

Enchanting Blossom, by TANGLeAndFoLd.


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8 responses to “Floating Pompoms

  1. Pompoms = P.A.R.T.Y!!!

  2. It saves time to know these makers. I like pompoms for entertaining.

  3. I love the flower by TangleAnd Fold. Just had a look at her lovely shop. They are amazing!

  4. I have no idea what I’d do with them but I WANT them! So lovely.

  5. Aren’t they awesome??

    Merci Julia! Je sais pas si j’oserais ;)

  6. C’est hyper facile, si j’ai réussi, je suis certaine que tu le peux. :)

  7. hihi Julia! Je parlais plus côté patience… Je vais regarder ça plus en détails!

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