ANTM Cycle 12

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 has started last week! Yay!

I love it all, but of course my fave part of every show is the panel, where you actually get the see the pictures. I love love love fashion pics :)

This year has a blend of very different girls, as always. After seen only the launch show and the one after (I get to watch it here on Fashion Television only on Sundays! Please don’t spoil it for me!! lol), my top 2 choices  would have to be Fo (how gorgeous are her freckles!!) and Natalie (photographs really well I think). I also like Celia and Aminat.

Of course it’s hard to tell with only one shot taken, but it doesn’t matter, I’m bad at predictions anyway! lol

On another note, they are already accepting applications for Cycle 13. I checked out the eligibility sheet as to what they required as curiosity, and turns out I think the future cycle will have a “short” theme! That’s right, they ask that people submitting be 5’7″ or UNDER! Fun stuff :)

Cheers to a season with awesome pictures! ;)



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3 responses to “ANTM Cycle 12

  1. ooo i love that you post about antm! im with you – fo, natalie (although she gets cocky) and celia are my favorites. so far this season isnt as wonderful as some of the others but it will come around…

  2. Loli

    OMG!!!! I loveeeeeeee ANTM!!!
    My faves are Alison, Celia, and Fo.
    Eyes, freckles and cheekbones!!!!
    If These aren’t the top three Ill probably cry!

  3. Rahrah

    Me two alissa I love Allison the most Fo is such an Cutie Pie plus she’s super cute and short That make’s it even better Celia is skinny Funny and she pose very good Aminat No im sorry as so for Teyona London is super cute too and Natalie but she’s toooooo Spoiled and Mean girl is written all over her.

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