Some Love for the Thread

Knit and Sew, by linnphotography.

This week has been slow, I know! Quite busy… with thread! :)

I just love thread. Love working with it, and looking at it and photographing it. It’s just pretty!!

Fiber Cuff No.410, by Kjoo.

Silk Stone, by JiaStyle.

Colors v.2 ACEO, by Glasfaden.

Embroidered Ring, by NectarJewelry.

Guardian, by Selflesh.

Where it is, by kbean.

Threaded Bangle, by SnipSnap.

A Stitch in Time print, by InkandLight.



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13 responses to “Some Love for the Thread

  1. in love with the silk stone ring!!! so cute!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful work – I love thread too – wish I could embroider better though! :)

  3. Love the ring too! Great choices girl!

  4. beeeeeaauuutiful post!!

    I listed your blog in a blog hunt on scoutie girl:

    all the best!

  5. Janick!

    I love this post more than another you have done…it’s stunning!

  6. Absolutely beautiful designs and photos. Stunning. Confirms the quote that “less is more”.

  7. I love teh ring and pictures have a very nice ligth

  8. I love the first and the last photo. I’m a bit fascinated with old thread spools – my mom’s got a few left from the time they were made of real wood.

  9. Joy

    Hi!! Thanks for the link! Just wanted to let you know that due to some unfortunate computer glitches and wars with all blog hosts :) I’ve had to update the url and redo the blog. I hope you still like it – just wanted to let you know…

    ps… such interesting needlework :)

  10. Glad you all like the picks ;)

  11. Oh, I didn’t know this feature before. Thank you so much, Janick!

  12. eef

    These are really neat! Thank you for sharing!

  13. So colorful and bright, love it!

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