Shoe Lust

One good sign that Spring weather is soon to be seen, is that I start browsing around websites to look at shoes. Out with the snow boots, in with the cute shoes! Right ladies!?

I think I have a thing for pinks at Payless:

A thing for yellow at Old Navy:

And a thing for awesome ones I can’t afford at Piperlime:


Filed under Fashion - Accessories

5 responses to “Shoe Lust

  1. i really like the pink one!!!

  2. I love your taste! I want all of them!

  3. Carmen

    Aren’t they just lovely. I live inthe Chicagoland area, we’re under a winter storm warning until early Sunday morning, can’t even put the snow boots away yet. :-)LOL

  4. Wow – I would have never guessed those pink ones were from Payless. Maybe I need to go in there one day!

  5. Yummy yellow sandals…

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