HandFash { Part 2 }

Jersey Bow Tank, by Janey Clothing.

Such amazing handmade fashion pieces from all these sellers, it’s hard to choose! :)

Lulu Waterproof Jacket, by Crystalindumentaria.

Silk Chiffon and Lace Backless Dress, by Holly Stalder.

Stripey Tee, by Little Ocean.

Mini Dress Irredescent, by Pavlina Dadakova.

Pleated Neckline Top, by Lirola.

Acid Earth Dress, by ArmoursansAnguish.

Standing Tall Jacket, by Rare Turtle.

Butterfly Top, by JustVic.



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2 responses to “HandFash { Part 2 }

  1. that pleated neckline! so detailed and beautiful

  2. thanks for including our butterfly top and please visit our new store at justkitsch.etsy.com

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