99 Feelings

Did you know there are at least 99 feelings one can feel? I didn’t! We usually stop thinking after the happy-sad-angry-mad. lol!

A little while back, the super friendly Mitsy of ArtMind decided her next project would be to represent 99 feelings with her ceramic work. I had the joy of following every one, one by one, on her Flickr account.

Don’t you just want to bring them all home? Which one is your favorite? Tell me!! :)



Filed under Decor - Object, Pottery & Clay

5 responses to “99 Feelings

  1. inconvenientbody

    The idea of this is so inspiring… I want to explore more! I’m so interested in our capacity for emotion and how its limited by our language (our ability to communicate). What a fine way to break through those limitations. Yay for Mitsy.

  2. Yay, Janick! You listed my very favorite one here (torn) !
    Thanks heaps for this wonderful feature (again) in your amazing blog! I feel all giddy and excited now! :)

  3. these céramics are really nice!!!

  4. These blow my mind–impossible to choose a favorite!

  5. Melissa, sooo true! I would say I have favoriteSSS. lol

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