Unemployed Designer

In these hard economic times, it isn’t really a shock to find a shop called Unemployed Designer! It’s a creative way to put a positive spin on the situation!

“Most everyone else just laughs out loud when I tell them the name of my new shop. Let’s face it, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And the way I figure it, if I’m making lemonade, I may as well open a lemonade stand!”

In her shop, you’ll find patent leather goodies, for your home and for your carrying needs (business cards, lenses and photos).

Get your shiny ON!


Filed under Decor - Object, Handmade

5 responses to “Unemployed Designer

  1. What a find! Great shop, I added it to my favorites! =D

  2. ha! great idea. perhaps i ought to step up my game during my own unemployment!

  3. Amy

    Great shop – kind of ironic that the unemployed designer sells business card cases though… :-)

  4. Thanks Nea, for the feature on your blog – it’s very flattering! I guess it is ironic that I’m selling business card cases, isn’t it? It just means I have plenty of opportunities in every day situations to show off part of my product line!

  5. Haha I love the irony, indeed! ;)

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