This shop makes me wanna faint. lol!

The wavy, organic, pure, simple, shiny, matte porcelain pieces from PigeonToe that will make your indoor plants (or whatever else you want to put in them) very happy campers!

Gimme everything!! NOW!! (Please… hehe)



Filed under Handmade, Pottery & Clay

9 responses to “PigeonToe

  1. I want the stacking cups. I will spread the word on this find.

  2. Amy

    Nice & simple! Shows off the plant without competing with it!

  3. RJ

    HAHAha (i think i almost heard you yell: NOW!!)
    really amazing shop!

  4. Great shop! Thanks for the headsup – I want the set of stacking cups….

  5. how do you continue to find all of this amazing stuff?! fainting is definitely what i’m doing . . .

  6. YAY Kim!!

    Haha RJ!

    Abby: Well, I spend way to much time online, that simple ;)

  7. That is such a Scandinavian design!
    I love them!

  8. Great shop! I’ve added it to my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  9. They’re beautiful! Looks like they’re really nice to the touch as well, which is a very important aspect to design. Does anyone have any idea what kind of plant we see in the last picture? I’ve never seen it before, and I sort of became fascinated with it…

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