Medium Leather Bin by Gildem.

I’ve found some fabulous vessels recently, have to share them!!

Vessels can save our spaces… Make your room pretty when actually you can just put what’s lying around the house in them (balls of yarn, branches, rocks, jewels, fruit!). Pratical & pretty :)

Large Thumbshell, by AmyMisle.

Medium Cloth Bowl, by Netamir.

Gourd Bowl with Kudzu Rim, by Midnightcoiler.

Porcelain Pods, by DTerryDesigns.

1960’s Danish Teak Tray, sold by kittyBcreative.

Bambina Vessels, by Popkraft.

Ratku Rock, by Ratku.

Incense Vessel, by FredParkerPottery.



Filed under Decor - Object, Handmade, Pottery & Clay

2 responses to “Vessels

  1. These are all gorgeous! The popkraft ones make me weep they are so lovely!

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