Help Wanted

YAY! I won!! Woohooooo!!

Thank you – Merci – to everyone who voted for me :)


Hey everyone!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! :)

I was hoping you all could help me out and vote for my picture!?

You DO NOT need an account or to register or anything, so this takes like literally 2 seconds!

It’s simple: just go HERE and click “+Vote” and voila!, you’ve helped me tremendously!

Thank you soooo much!! :)


Filed under Nea Jewelry & Wall Wear

17 responses to “Help Wanted

  1. Wow! 86 votes, est-ce que c’est toi qui mène présentement?

  2. Thanks so much Rach ;)

    Lac: ihih Oui je mène à date :D

  3. Daina

    :P J’ai fait mon vote!

    Le « mot de Cambronne »!

  4. Ann

    Voted! Really lovely – both the piece and the pic.

  5. Hello there! I’m a fellow Etsian and long time admirer of your shop but didn’t know about your blog until now, thanks to your Featured Seller interview…congrats, by the way!
    Glad to have a new lovely blog to browse!
    Oh, and I voted too! :)
    Happy day,
    Corrie (of Corrieberry Pie)

  6. Voted.
    Just read your featured seller interview on Etsy. Congrats! :)

  7. Thank you all so much ;)

  8. now you’re up to 163! congrats on the featured seller interview. you’re stuff is whimsically wonderful!

  9. Hi Janick, I love the intricate stitching in your work and the combination of old and new. Very unique! Nice colors too, and I voted!

  10. Vote is done…its’ a beautiful piece!

  11. Thanks so much for your support everyone!! :)

  12. Super site, superbe broderie : et 1 vote de plus !
    Bravo et bonne chance !

  13. Love your blog! Great pictures

  14. Thank you so much everyone for your precious help!! I won the contest!! YAY!! :)

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